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Not so mighty fibromite

October 24, 2009 2 comments

I’m really discouraged today.  I woke up stiff with a band of pain around my abdomen about kidney height.  And anxious as all hell.  The lists of foods and food categories that are safe and unsafe are spinning around in my head like Dorthy’s twister.

I need to get a grip on myself.

This corn thing is much more overwhelming than the gluten.  How I’m going to go about this is beyond me at the moment…except to say for today, I can eat oatmeal, sweet potato, chicken and veggies.  Basically.  That can be my diet for today.  I don’t think there is anything bad in these things (my oatmeal is GF).  I could probably find many things wrong with the chicken but I’m drawing a line.

And if the truth be told, I ate pepper jack cheese last night like I was flipping off a stranger.  Boldly and aggressively even while knowing it was wrong and I would feel shitty later.  Sigh…

Oh, and get this.  When I was taking tramadol for my fibromyalgia it would work less and less so I’d take more and more.  (any addict will tell you how that works!)  The last couple of years I took 6 pills a day.  And still had pain.  And brain fog up the butt.  This last spring I went slowly off the tramadol and felt tremendously better.  I am still taking the hydrocodone but it works really well and I have little to no side effects.  Except dependency but I can deal with that.

Anyway…….I googled tramadol and guess what the first “inert” ingrediant is?  Cornstarch!  I could not find any evidence of cornstarch in the hydrocodone.

This is crazy…

So all signs point to corn and it’s devil spawn of derivatives.  Last night I went through the cupboard telling Kevin in an increasingly rising voice, “oh god, this has corn in it, this has corn in it, etc, etc.”  Until he suggested I might want to calm down.

Just for today (thank you AA) I know I can eat unprocessed meat (if there is such a thing), vegetables (except nightshades) and fruits (except citrus).  That’s not too complicated, is it?

I’ve gotta laugh or I’m gonna cry…..


Addendum to Ugg..

October 23, 2009 Leave a comment

You know, maybe it would be good to re-read my own blog.  I decided to hit the tag “pain” and read the entries…maybe there was a clear pattern.

Yeah, whatever, because my entry dated the 15th of this month (found here) talks all about the pain I had from tomatoes.  Seriously.

Okay so note to self.  You can NOT eat TOMATOES, Jacki!!!


Ugg…I fibro’d myself

October 23, 2009 Leave a comment

All three kids were here last night for dinner so I wanted to make something special  (and cheap).  So I picked up some beef ribs and decided to make my own bbq-like sauce.  I’ve been doing so well that I got a little cocky thinking I could probably try making a tomato based sauce.  And if it’s done from scratch it would probably be safe.


It tasted okay, nowhere near as sweet and mellow as cheap store bought.  Man, they must have a ton of sugars in theirs.  The kids and Kevin liked it and the ribs were snarfed up in short order.

Then I woke up this morning.  And guess what?  Fibromyalgia…all over.  It’s kinda amazing if it didn’t feel so crappy.  A generous serving of tomato sauce and it causes my whole body to ache and be stiff.

The score is nightshade plants 1, Jacki 0.

At least it was a clear reaction and not one of those vague “I don’t feel too good but that’s about it” reactions.  So…no more tomatoes.  And that should probably go for potatoes and peppers.

Fine with me.  Now all I have to do is work this out of my system.  Ugg.