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A gluten challenge

October 7, 2009 1 comment

On Monday night, I decided to try a gluten challenge.  To isolate it further I used barley instead of wheat.  Using the wheat might show a wheat sensitivity but not clear up the gluten question.

Yeah, I’m almost like a scientist.

So it was pork chops and cauliflower with barley.  It went down all right but I thought I noticed an increase in pain later in the evening.  Nothing substantial yet.  I went to sleep and started waking up in the wee hours with hip pain.  This hasn’t happened since I did the corn challenge.  When I got up, I felt like crap.  (okay, maybe I’m not a real scientist)

The crappy feeling got mixed up with the whole dog issue yesterday but I still feel like I had a reaction to the barley.  Plus, my bowels got messed up.  Let’s just leave it at that.

So that’s gluten.  Oddly, the reaction wasn’t as painful as the corn challenge.  Interesting.  And corn is in everything!  I’m just going to do my best with the corn and try not to make myself crazy (crazier) eradicating every little bit of corn in my life.  Since I don’t seem to be having an traditional allergic reaction with asthma, hives, etc, I think I’ve got some leeway.

On to food and comfort.  Yesterday I was feeling sad and I wanted some comfort.  And I knew I had to eat pretty clean because the gluten was working it’s way out. In the afternoon I finished off the last piece of Quinoa Cake with coconut milk. For dinner it was sweet potato with Smart Balance margarine and cinnamon.  I’m using the Smart Balance but it has soy, soy and soy in it.  So far, I haven’t found a good substitute and yesterday I wasn’t in the mood to skip it.  By bedtime I was tired and sad and needy.  So I broke out my Pamela’s Pancake Mix and made some pancakes.  Just little ones.  With more Smart Balance and agave syrup.  They were okay but had that extra “this certainly doesn’t taste like a regular pancake” flavor.  Sigh…

It could have been worse.  I don’t like to be sad (duh) and have always used something to get through it.  So last night it was sugar/carbs.  How am I feeling this morning?  Not great but I don’t have a lot of body pain.  That’s pretty good.

I’m glad I let myself (and my diet) bend instead of break.  Today will be a better day because of it.


A small miracle

September 17, 2009 Leave a comment

I woke up this morning to rain.  So what? you ask.  Well, rain and fibromyalgia bodies do not go good together.  In fact I’ve been known to wake up and just start crying when the weather takes a turn for the worse.

Today…not so much.  My neck is messed up (but that is really a different problem of herniated disks) but my body is remarkably free from the usual rain-ache.  This is a BIG difference!  A huge difference!!

It gives me so much hope for the upcoming weather change.  This was one of my main motivators in starting the diet experiment…we had a few days of cool wet weather in August which set me off on a flare for a week.  Ouch.  Of course I’m seeing now that when I get in pain I want to eat sugar, carbs and wheat.  I mean super craving, get outta my way, walk to the store in a storm kind of way.  When I eat whatever it is, then the body pain increases, which leads to more craving, etc, etc.

I’m sure you get it.

Get out the hemp protein drinks, fellas…mama’s got a brand new plan!