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Ugg…I fibro’d myself

October 23, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

All three kids were here last night for dinner so I wanted to make something special  (and cheap).  So I picked up some beef ribs and decided to make my own bbq-like sauce.  I’ve been doing so well that I got a little cocky thinking I could probably try making a tomato based sauce.  And if it’s done from scratch it would probably be safe.


It tasted okay, nowhere near as sweet and mellow as cheap store bought.  Man, they must have a ton of sugars in theirs.  The kids and Kevin liked it and the ribs were snarfed up in short order.

Then I woke up this morning.  And guess what?  Fibromyalgia…all over.  It’s kinda amazing if it didn’t feel so crappy.  A generous serving of tomato sauce and it causes my whole body to ache and be stiff.

The score is nightshade plants 1, Jacki 0.

At least it was a clear reaction and not one of those vague “I don’t feel too good but that’s about it” reactions.  So…no more tomatoes.  And that should probably go for potatoes and peppers.

Fine with me.  Now all I have to do is work this out of my system.  Ugg.

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