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For Pete’s sake

September 27, 2009 Leave a comment

I’ve got a bunch of body pain today.  What???  The most likely candidate is egg since I’ve just reintroduced them and ate three yesterday.  That and the weather is about to change…that usually affects the FM.  But still…geeze.  I’ve been good sticking to the diet but there must be something that’s getting me because I’m having body pain.  It’s still not as bad as before I started The Experiment but not as good as the first few weeks.

Yesterday my sister in law (hi Viki!) pointed out that if I’m sensitive to corn then I have to watch it because there’s corn in a gazillon things.  A quick spin through google confirms this.  Not only corn syrup but corn derivitives are everywhere and called by every name but “corn”.


I also found out yesterday that my biological father and my paternal uncle both have wheat sensitivity and the uncle has been gluten free for a couple of years.  I guess when he eats any gluten he breaks out in a terrible rash.  Sounds very celiac diseasey to me.  My paternal aunt (the messenger) tries not to eat gluten herself.

Very interesting, don’t you think?

I’m trying to eat clean today.  Had a hemp protein smoothie for breakfast with my one coffee and some herb tea.  Kevin is making his nummy no-tomato chili for the rest of the day.  For dinner last night it was quinoa and diced sweet potatoes fried up in a skillet  with a little tahini and oil.

It was very mediocre.

So no eggs today, no processed foods, just chili and some fruit.  And water.  I should really be drinking more water.  Wish me luck!


Hemp…who knew?

September 16, 2009 Leave a comment

So I guess making stuff out of hemp is a big deal now, too.  I have some chocolate milk made from hemp and today I bought powdered hemp protein.  I made myself a fairly nummy chocolate and banana smoothie for lunch with it.  (Okay, the first drink wasn’t good because I was hoping for MILKSHAKE.  But I got over it.)  I think this will really fit the bill as a protein supplement until I get better at meal planning.

My body is tired and achy from the last two days playing with Ramsey (the 3 year old).  I had to go through a little snit this morning when it was obvious that this diet is not going to give me a complete cure!

I’m so mature.  And realistic.  Right.

But I did feel better after the smoothie and that tells me something.  I’ve only taken one half of a pain pill so far all day…and considering the physicality of Ramsey, that’s pretty much a miracle.  And I’m on my way to the store to buy meat for dinner which will also help.  I wish we could afford free range/organic meat but it’s not in the cards at this time.  We don’t eat a lot of it so that’s the good news.

I’m thinking of trying to reintroduce a food soon as an experiment.  Probably something dairy; milk or egg or cheese.  It would be great if that ended up on the Eat list.  But I’ll wait until I feel really good so if it’s a problem it will make itself apparent.

I’m off to the food blogs to search out some good ideas for dinner.  And to you all I say, “Eat well!”