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Cheaters never prosper

October 15, 2009 2 comments

Food cheaters, that is.  I didn’t so much cheat as just try something new…a challenge to the Diet Experiment.  Last night we had burritos with homemade salsa.


But man that salsa was good.  Ramsey and I made it…she was my little food processor since she can stir tomatoes with a spoon until they give up all their juice.  It was freshly made from chopped tomatoes (red and yellow), chopped green onions, chopped cilantro, olives and green chilis.  Hmmm…chilis, that’s in the nightshade family, too.  To the veggie mix we added cumin, chili powder, sea salt and a little bit of agave.


When I put my burrito together I used rice tortillas, refried beans (from freshly cooked pintos), a little hamburger (that was cooked in more tomato sauce), a little cheddar cheese (dairy), lettuce and salsa.

So really the tally of forbidden foods is more like this:

  • Dairy from the cheese
  • Tomato from salsa AND hamburger (nightshade plant)
  • Green chilis in the salsa (nightshade plant)

This morning I woke up with a groan.  The pain isn’t too bad, probably a 5 out of 10, but it such a familiar and unpleasant feeling.  Body stiffness and general achey-ness.  Not worth it.

As a side note, yesterday I woke up with a rash on my forehead and my scalp is really itchy.  I tried some new “organic” shampoo…it’s probably made out of corn or something.  Did I read the label?  No.   That print is so small.  But I’m not going to use it again.

I have this morning to get my sh*t together because Jacob’s caseworker is coming over at 2:30 to go through his yearly Service Plan.  Ugh…an hour or more talking about what he can’t do.  Not my favorite.

Gotta eat clean today and get myself back on track.  I’m really beginning to think rice might need to go off the list.  Or at least be like soy and eggs where I try not to eat very much but allow little bits through because not to would be an extra level of vigilance that I’m just not ready to attempt.

It’s a learning thing.  But no cheating for today.


For Pete’s sake

September 27, 2009 Leave a comment

I’ve got a bunch of body pain today.  What???  The most likely candidate is egg since I’ve just reintroduced them and ate three yesterday.  That and the weather is about to change…that usually affects the FM.  But still…geeze.  I’ve been good sticking to the diet but there must be something that’s getting me because I’m having body pain.  It’s still not as bad as before I started The Experiment but not as good as the first few weeks.

Yesterday my sister in law (hi Viki!) pointed out that if I’m sensitive to corn then I have to watch it because there’s corn in a gazillon things.  A quick spin through google confirms this.  Not only corn syrup but corn derivitives are everywhere and called by every name but “corn”.


I also found out yesterday that my biological father and my paternal uncle both have wheat sensitivity and the uncle has been gluten free for a couple of years.  I guess when he eats any gluten he breaks out in a terrible rash.  Sounds very celiac diseasey to me.  My paternal aunt (the messenger) tries not to eat gluten herself.

Very interesting, don’t you think?

I’m trying to eat clean today.  Had a hemp protein smoothie for breakfast with my one coffee and some herb tea.  Kevin is making his nummy no-tomato chili for the rest of the day.  For dinner last night it was quinoa and diced sweet potatoes fried up in a skillet  with a little tahini and oil.

It was very mediocre.

So no eggs today, no processed foods, just chili and some fruit.  And water.  I should really be drinking more water.  Wish me luck!

The results are in

September 25, 2009 Leave a comment

Eggs are back…officially.  I really wanted to give my body a couple of days to respond.  If you know FM, then you know about delayed reactions.  So I’m feeling good about the egg.  This is going to work wonders on my baking!

I don’t think I’ll try anything new just yet as my cold is making me feel awful and I don’t want to add to the problem by eating something that might cause pain.  I really thought I would be more anxious to put foods back into the rotation but it’s been such a long time since I felt this free of pain that I’m in no hurry to take a chance.  Just so I can eat one thing instead of another??  No thanks.

Now for the sake of full disclosure I need to talk about craving.  Yes, I am experiencing strong cravings that are both continued and impulsive.  But the way I’m dealing with it so far is to try substitution.  I remember from my early days of recovery that cravings will pass if you can just withhold action for a little bit.  Here are some of the ways I am coping with cravings:

  • Go for a walk out of the house and away from the food.
  • Eat a substitute.  Like sweet potato…it’s pretty satisfying and with a little butter and cinnamon you can almost fake yourself into believing it’s pie.
  • Remember the last time you ate something that made you sick.  At the beginning of my blog I talked about that last chocolate/chocolate chip “muffin” and how sick I was the next day…my body pain went through the roof and I had a migraine.
  • Immerse yourself in a good book.  This is Distraction 101.
  • Get to the computer and watch stupid videos that make you laugh.  Viral videos, silly stuff on You Tube.  Short and sweet.  But you have to laugh out loud!
  • Spend 10 minutes confused by which thing you should do and by that time the craving probably has passed!

If it fails and I eat something that I didn’t want to then so what?  I’m going to have pain for a day or so.  It’s not like I haven’t just done this for the last god-knows-how-long.

Then I’m going to pick myself up and start again.

Good news this morning

September 24, 2009 Leave a comment

Yesterday I introduced a new food into my diet experiment…eggs.  And guess what?  No adverse effects this morning.  Yeah, baby!  So I think eggs are back in.  This opens up a lot in the baking world.  Maybe it was the egg replacer in the brownies that wrecked it.

When it comes to baked goods, hope springs eternal in the Mighty Fibromite’s life.  Haha!

My cold is full blown with coughing and sinus and a sore throat.  And I still feel 10 times better than I did before my diet started.  Weird, huh?

I feel so lucky and I feel grateful.