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Closing up shop…at least for a while

November 6, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

My blogging has dried up to almost nothing since my daughter left for Texas.  I think I just need some time to get used to the idea.  Of course she moved to Killeen just in time for the shootings.  She’s fine and so are her friends.  It’s just weird to have someone so close to such an act of violence.  I can’t imagine how the families of the killed and injured feel.  Or the witnesses.

So I’m taking time off of blogging.  I’m still on my diet; my body would feel SO sick if I wasn’t right now.  Stress and I are not friends.  But I’m going to focus on my art work and the site to show it.  I’ll soon have it up at:


Until then, take care of each other.


  1. November 13, 2009 at 1:30 pm

    Oh Jackie,
    I’m so sorry you are so stressed out right now. I know you are taking a hiatus from your blog right now, but I hope you do read this.

    I’m not sure this is the best time to stop journaling. You are going through a really though time and you may need to really focus on what’s it doing to your body. And I’m sure no one who has been reading your blog will mind you writing about your daughter’s move and what it’s putting you through. I’ve been going through a lot right now, and I’ve been letting my blog really suffer because I don’t really talk about my personal life that much on my blog. I might mention a little bit here and there in passing, but I don’t talk about details. It’s just not that kind of blog you know. But your blog is very personal. We want to know about you and how your life is affecting your fibromyalgia, and your relationship with food. And we want you to be able to work things through with your words if you need to.

    on a different note about your blog…I was wondering what did your doctor have to say about your improvement? Even though you didn’t show any positive reactions to the allergy tests? It’s petty obvious you have certain food intolerances.
    I’d also like to see an updated list of things you can eat. Or a list of things you are absolutely removing from your diet.

    This year has been bloody hell on me. Well, not as bad as could have been, but certainly not all that great. In March I had to have tubes put in my ears because I was having an acute case of Meneire’s Disease. This disease is actually a syndrome of symptoms that they don’t know what causes them. they are disabling vertigo/or severe dizziness, fluctuating hearing/hearing loss/ a feeling of fullness in your ears, and tinnitus (ringing or roaring in your ears). Luckily the tubes really helped my symptoms, they don’t help a lot of people with the disease. My dog was diagnosed with bladder cancer and had to have surgery the next week and I had to have hip surgery just a few days after her surgery, I had a torn labrum (cartilage around the socket) repaired).

    Unfortunately, the torn labrum just didn’t heal right and my doctor said he thought I’d torn it again. So I went through more MRI’s ect. And yes, another surgery on Oct. 13. So I’m still recovering from that. Then late on Halloween Night the Meniere’s came back! It started with just a very loud roaring and I couldn’t hear very well. The next day I had a bit of vertigo and dizziness. I always have the fullness. So I went to the doctor on Monday, one of the tubes had fallen out! I was so ticked off.
    So I just had new super duper tubes put in today.

    Yes, that’s 4 surgeries this year. 2 in March and then pretty much the same 2 repeated this Fall.

    So, my blog has kind of fallen to the way side. I’ve tried to blog here and there, but I get so tired. And I can’t really be very witty. Right now I don’t really care about food. My husband can not really cook and I haven’t been able to..so who wants to write about that? But I’m going to try to do better. I’m going to try to blog right now.

    And I’ll miss you.
    I still need to understand why by every evening I get all bloated and full of gas. And I’m afraid some of my migraines my be triggered by another food I’m triggered by. But right now, I’m going through so much, and can’t cook for my self, I just don’t want to know. But I will. soon.

    glad I got to know you,
    at least a little bit.

    • jp
      November 13, 2009 at 2:48 pm


      Thank you for your moving email. God, I can’t believe you’ve had to go through that many surgeries in such a short time! Plus the dog and your ears and, and, and. That’s where I’m at right about now. My daughter moved and my mother has taken a downward turn. She’s 73, blind and diabetic and we are starting to believe she is suffering with some dementia. So I”ve been over there every day this week. So I feel stuck between taking care of myself and my family (including my adult son with down syndrome) and taking care of my mother. I’m stressed out!

      I have been kinda missing the blog; missing the cathartic-ness of it. I’m going to consider what you’ve said. Maybe it’s worthwhile to keep writing. Especially during the upcoming holiday season which ought to be a challenge. Maybe I shouldn’t be so quick to close up the blog. I’m still on my diet and it’s keeping me going…

      I might try and write some about it. At least I know someone is reading it! lol! Jacki

  2. December 10, 2009 at 10:19 am

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