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Meet me at the impasse

November 2, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

It’s been pins and needles around here waiting for our darling Meghan to arrive safely in Texas.  Yesterday she made it and we are all relieved.  Of course, now I am free to miss her a LOT.

I’m amazed by this phenomenon of healing that we’ll call the “That’s Great Now What?” principle.   Even though I’ve been sick as a dog the better part of the last four years and since the Diet Experiment I’ve resolved about 80% of my pain, I find myself longing for more.  I want to feel even better…I want to eat even more.

In order to help myself through this impasse, I’ve started to jot down what all I eat during the day so I can get a better handle on what sets me off.  And trying some new things.  Almond cheese, cheddar flavor which was marginal.  Rice Dream ice-cream-ish dessert.  It was NOT good but only because it was chocolate chai flavor and I don’t like chai.  I’m not sure what my thinking was in buying it but it seemed like a good idea at the time.  It was on sale, that much I remember, and there were not any other flavors.  Hmmm….

I’m not craving a lot so that’s good.  But I’m worn out lately and kinda tired of cooking.  Plus,  it’s time to go grocery shopping and do some meal planning.  Not in that order I hope.

Oh by the way, my doctor emailed me today to say that all my food allergy tests were negative.  That’s certainly par for the course.  All my medical tests come back normal.  She offered to send me to an allergist but I don’t think I’ll go.  It might not be an allergy I have to these many foods.  It’s certainly not the typical allergic reaction with antibodies in my blood.  I can’t say that I understand it…the more I eat certain foods, the more I feel like I have fibromyalgia.  Is that a sensitivity?  Or am I just weird??

Whatever it is, it’s working a lot better to NOT eat these foods that seem to make me hurt; corn and tomatoes for sure, dairy, gluten and soy to a lesser extent.  I’m trying to eliminate or minimize these things the best I can.  And all I really have to do is learn to cook things from scratch.  Delicious things.  It can be done because there are hundreds of people blogging about doing this out there in internet-land.

I’m grateful for each one of them.

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