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October 26, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

I’d put something totally cool and pertinent in here if I was a little more awake.  So feel free to pause and think of a clever pun or quote.


Wanted to get down a couple of thoughts before the day starts going by too fast.  I really need to update my page called, “What I can eat” because I’m pretty sure I’m off that list.  And probably make a boring page called Food Diary just for me to keep track.  These are the tasks for this week.

Yesterday I felt hungry all day.  Which is frustrating because I ate…but just that ongoing craving for something that I can’t decipher.  Could there be a withdrawal period for corn?  Or for gluten?  God knows I’m still getting corned enough through hair products, packaging, hand sanitizer, etc.  Plus I’m still in denial that my health has anything to do with corn.

Which is a weird thing.  Intellectually I can put 2 and 2 together and come up with corn sensitivity.  I eat corn, I wake up with a bad case of fibromyalgia. But it bumps up against the part of my brain that says, “but I’ve eaten corn products all my life, how could I become sensitive to it?”  See the disconnect?

Plus I feel myself becoming one of those people…you know, the kind of person who is seething with the impassioned speech, “How Our American Diet is Poisoning All of Us”.

Sigh…except I really believe it.

Another factor in all this food stuff lately is that my only daughter, precious Meghan (who is a grown woman by the way) is getting ready to move back to Texas on Wednesday.  Therefore I feel sad.  Therefore I crave old school comfort food which I cannot have.  Therefore I am pissed.

Okay, on to lighter news.  Yesterday I tried to eat simply with GF oatmeal for breakfast, cold cauliflower and chicken for lunch (tasted awful), and sweet potato fries and carrots for dinner.  Also not good.  You can see I’m having trouble making the effort.  I was hungry when I went to bed and thought it would be good just to BE that.  Go ahead and be a little hungry…and a little crave-y, and lose some of this fear around it.  I seem to have survived the night intact.  🙂

My plan for today is to stay simple, eat protein, try to take care of at least one problem that I’ve been procrastinating about ($$), and work in my studio to get something completed.

I’ll let you know how I did.

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