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Something got me yesterday

October 11, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

Not really bad.  But enough to make it into my dreams.  Since I’ve been diagnosed with FM I’ve had nighttime bears clawing me, lions biting me and a host of weird situations reflecting my sleeping pain.  Last night, my dream hips would not work; everywhere I needed to go (urgently) was like walking through thigh high slush.  Fortunately I discovered a way to get around by sliding backwards on my rear dragging my useless legs along.  That part wasn’t too bad as each slide got longer and smoother until it felt like I was flying along…backward.


What got me yesterday?  I had no obviously big deviations from the diet.  In fact, it was my brother’s birthday breakfast and I entered a restaurant for the first time since starting the Diet Experiment.  I studied my options and came up with the idea of eating before I went and just having tea once I got there.  That worked.

But then Jacob and I got in the van to go home and it wouldn’t start.  Argh… Kevin was home and on his way in a matter of minutes.  Leaving Jake and I sitting in a cold car staring at his leftover box.  I knew there was bacon inside…I could smell it.  So I ate it. (I asked politely first…but Jacob is pretty easy.)

We got home and I felt no ill effects from the single bacon strip.  Okay. So far so good, I hoped.

Dinner planning was for a celebration.  Kevin got notice of not one but TWO parts he’s been cast in!  We decided on steaks.  Beef steaks all around and I skipped the potatoes.  Had a green salad with some new dressing.  It was a vinaigrette with basalmic vinegar and it was organic and the ingredients didn’t list anything really bad.  Except “organic sugar” and “organic spices”.  Kinda vague.

So what was it that got me?  Dietary?  Corn in the bacon processing or maybe the nitrites? Something in that dressing…that tasted so sweet?  Or was it mechanical since I’m working on painting three full sized papers; they are on my dining room table (my studio is too messy) and it’s just the wrong height.  I have to bend over just slightly and reach as I paint.

Well…there’s nothing to do today but stretch it out, stay aware and watch my food.  It’s still only about a 5 or 6 out of 10 but I’m greedy these days.  I’ve had so many great days with pain hanging around a 3 that I don’t like going back at all!  So we’ll see how it goes today.

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