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Damn good dog

There will be no food blogging today.  This morning we had to take our beautiful Australian Shepard/Border Collie cross dog on The Final Trip to the vet.  Her name was Lonnie and she was the smartest dog I ever met.  She lived most of her life on our 5 acres where she kept the ducks, goats and donkey in place.  In fact after she grew up I never had to worry about my goats getting out again.  She kept them inside a single electrified ribbon…and if you know goats, you know that ribbon didn’t do anything.  It was all her.  She’d watch them as they began to wander but if they got too far all I had to do was open the door and say, “Lonnie, get those goats in” and off she ran.  The goats saw her coming and would run right back into their pens!

She made it easy on us today…she was my youngest son’s dog and he came over to see her off.  She’s only been failing for the last week or so and got really bad yesterday.  It was a blessing that she went so fast.

So today it’s about remembering and seeking comfort.  And being grateful for such a damn good dog.

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