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A new month

Whoa, it’s almost a month on the Diet Experiment.  Fabulous!  I never dreamed it would be working so good.  The weather is changing and my life is not draining away like the warm days.  How cool is that?

I’ve been trying to plan some meals so I can go big shopping again this weekend.  But before I put too much energy into it, I need to do a food challenge or two.  I’ll bet anything that corn and wheat stay off the list but that’s just my gut.  I don’t want to spend all the extra money on corn, wheat, gluten free if I don’t need to.  So a food challenge is on order for the day.

You know, it’s actually tough to find a day where I can say, “Sure, I don’t mind risking a whole bunch of body pain tomorrow.”  But I need to get on with it to pin down what all is making me sick…or sicker.

I’m a couple of recipe’s behind still.  I beg your pardon, Faithful Reader and promise you I will get caught up today for sure 🙂

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