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This is the hard part

September 16, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

I seem to have hit some sort of road block with my new, fabulous, can’t be beat diet.  It was another rough day yesterday.  I really think the rice pasta needs to sit out of the rotation for the time being.  This is the second time I’ve had it for dinner and felt lousy the next day.  Of course it doesn’t help that I’ve been running myself into the ground for the last couple of days.  That’s “running into the ground” fibro style…it doesn’t take all that much.

During one point around lunch time I was feeling awful.  All I could think of was protein so I begged Kevin to go get some.  He came home with turkey and tuna.  Hooray!  I wolfed down the turkey and felt a little better.  For dinner I had leftover tabbouleh made with quinoa, mixed with tuna and a little leftover hummus.  I sprinkled sesame seeds over the whole thing and called it a salad.  It went down pretty easy.  Jacob actually wanted a bite and then wanted a whole plateful.  That’s always a big bonus!

By bedtime though I had developed a migraine.  Not surprising since I’d been nursing a tension headache all day.  Hmmm…I wonder if any food thing set it off, too?  There was soy in the tuna…only a little but still.

I think I really have to watch my carb to protein ratio.  Even with gluten free, non dairy, no corn, I’ve had a rough couple of days.  The other thing that occurs to me is that maybe it’s taken these two weeks for my body to really feel the absence of gluten, dairy, etc.

And of course, I am upset that I am not feeling super great and wonderful every day.  Even though yesterday was filled with a crying, demanding three year old (she was having a rougher day than me!) I have to wonder if it was something I ate.  It’s really all about experimenting now.  What stays on the Eat list and what goes on the No Eat list.

Food is many things but it’s rarely simple.

  1. September 16, 2009 at 1:02 pm

    hang in there. don’t quit before the miracle happens. I would think it was the rice pasta. I can’t eat white rice. acts like a refined food with me. aches abound. my goodness. have you tried coffee enemas? I read that they are great to detoxify the system. where Andy lives they are into colonics. Andy can’t go there but he says the women especially like to go get cleaned out. sounds gross huh? but maybe.

    an old old remedy people swear by is warm lemon juice first first thing in the morning and the last last thing at night. its supposed to detoxify organs like your liver etc.

    I am here with you. emotional tension has always always screwed up our bodies. remember when you used to give me head massages?

    I am here anytime. all the time you are in my prayers. you are unsinkable! and you know as well as I do that you will never stop trying. its not in you. sorry to say. we don’t have that luxury.



  2. jp
    September 16, 2009 at 3:49 pm

    Thanks, sam. I don’t wanna do colonics but I said I would never give up my junk food either so who knows?

    I’m glad you are in this with me 🙂

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