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GF Vegan Chocolate Biscotti!

September 10, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

I really needed some nummies today.  I made the hummus and that was good but I’m talking COOKIES.  Sometimes ya just gotta have one, right?  So I went through a zillion cookie recipes looking to use the ingredients I actually have in the house.  I finally found something promising at the Gluten Free Goddess’ (Karina’s Kitchen).  I didn’t actually have everything needed so I made some substitutions.  I used my new prepackaged baking mix instead of the individual flours.  I didn’t have vanilla or nutmeg so I just added some clove.  I thought with all that agave, it should be tasty without the vanilla.  I also did not have any egg replacer so I used a ripe banana and a little baking powder. And I threw in some coconut for the hell of it.

Well, it’s still supposed to get crisper as it cools and obviously I couldn’t wait that long to try it…and it’s good.  Not knock your socks off food orgasm wonderful but it IS good.  I want to try it again following the recipe more closely; I think it needed the vanilla.  But hey, it’s chocolate and it’s a cookie and today that is what was called for.


I’m making pesto with rice noodles for dinner.  We will see what effects these massive carbs do for me tomorrow.  But what the hell…it’s not wheat, it’s not white sugar, it’s not processed, it’s not dairy, it’s not corn and I think that’s pretty dang cool.

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