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I got busy

September 9, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

The last couple of days have been busy ones.  Monday I went out to coffee with mom and a sister…my son, Jacob went with me.  He was chowing down on croissants and I had the biggest urge to reach over and nab it!  But I didn’t.

Yesterday was a Tuesday which means I take care of my 3 year old grand-niece, Ramsey.  It’s usually an exhausting day and yesterday was no exception.  At one point in the day Kevin was dressing for an audition (can you bring me my _____), Meghan showed up to use the computer, Ramsey was tugging on my arm for some dire need, Melissa brings a friend over to meet Ramsey, Jacob wanted a bath please and it was all to the sound track of a howling, baying, Redbone coonhound in heat out in the backyard!

Too much.

Needless to say when everyone finally left (except Jacob) I was craving a pan of brownies and a quart of ice cream…bad.  I put on my real pants (I usually have some order of sweats on) and Jake and I took off to Huckleberry’s Market in search of a treat.  I got some quinoa crackers sweetened with rice syrup that tasted delicious.  Jacob bought some overpriced canned ravioli that was somehow supposed to be good for you.  I also got some spaghetti noodles made from brown rice, some crackers and some cheese made from almonds.

Can they just make anything from anything now?

I guess I should say a word about Jacob since he seems to be included in many of my thoughts…he sure is included in my daily life.  I’ve got three kids and Jacob is my oldest.  He is 31 and he has Down syndrome.  He left us to go party in a group home for about 5 years but that program crashed with the hire of The Wrong Person for the job of director.   So Jacob came back home.  We three are all trying to live together in peace, harmony and about a million pencils.

He’s got a thing about collecting pencils.

For those of you who have never been so fortunate to have someone in your life with Down syndrome let me tell you this; you are missing out.  And no, he is most definitely NOT god’s sweet little angel.  He is stubborn as a mule, he’s more than a little OCD, he’s the kindest heart I’ve ever met and he has a devilish sense of humor.  He is hilarious.

So if you read me making jokes about Jacob don’t get your panties in a knot.  I laugh at his foibles like he laughs at mine.  Anyone who’s hung around people with special needs know that laughter goes with the territory.  He is a funny guy, so I laugh. And it’s okay.

All right, well, that was way off the subject of food but needed to be said.

Yesterday I also bought some baking mix made out of god knows what all flours; almond, garbanzo, chicken bone…I don’t know.  But I can use it instead of wheat or corn so today I’m gonna bake something.  I’ve been loving the site Karina’s Kitchen.  Not only does she have all these delicious recipes, she has gluten free cheat sheets, substitution lists. all kinds of COOKIE and NUMMIES to make.  And she is a great blogger, very interesting and fun to read.  Check her out.

Here was my invention yesterday morning for breakfast…I had to make something that Ramsey and Jacob would both eat because they are picky.

Fruit Salad Jacki Style

  • various fresh fruit
  • tahini
  • applesauce
  • walnuts, almonds, your favorite nuts
  • unsweetened coconut
  • agave syrup (low glycemic and super sweet so you only need a dab)

No need to measure here, we are just going to put it together in it’s own karmic proportions.

Cut up the fruit into chunks.  I used pear, apple, kiwi (yikes I’m almost out), and fresh grapes from my neighbor.  It was beautiful

On top of this mix I sprinkled the unsweetened coconut (still tastes sweet), chopped walnuts and almonds that I swirled in the food processor.  Those almonds are hard!  Mix it all up.

In a separate bowl I put a big spoonful of tahini and a small spoon of applesauce to thin it.  Now add a small blob of agave syrup.  A little goes a long way.  You end up with a dressing that’s not the prettiest color in the world. Put that into the fruit and stir it all up.  I told the kids they could eat around what they don’t like.  The dressing makes all the nut stick to each piece of fruit so you know they are consuming it regardless.  And of course, add and subtract according to your own diet, temperament and whims.

Eat with laughter and love.

  1. Julia Hand
    September 9, 2009 at 11:49 am

    Loved your comments about Jacob. Hope the recipes are something my friend, Annis, will be okay with as she has multiple chronic health conditions and is on oxygen too. Her FM kicks in when the barometer goes up or down….like if there’s an earthquake anywhere in the world, she knows it! Will be thinking of you as you try new food items & eliminate others to see how they affect your body. Love you!

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