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Another Day, Another Migraine

September 5, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

Shoot.  So much for being instantly cured of all ailments.  I got up this morning about 5:00 am with a migraine.  It wasn’t too bad as far as migraines go so that’s something.  If I had to guess, I would say it’s one of two things; either I ate too many cashews yesterday (yeah, I pigged out) OR I’m doing something wrong with my posture when I’m in my lounge chair watching movies with my lap top.  The migraines have really gone up since I started using my new laptop.

SO…cashews are out for the time being.  And NO MORE MOVIES IN THE RECLINER.  The shouting is for my own benefit.  I really love to watch movies in the recliner <sheepish grin>.

Other than that, I thought I had a good improvement in my energy level yesterday.  Pain bounced around a 4 to 6 with some much better times in between and a couple of “hit the wall” events.  Because I ran all over…went to coffee with my sister Melissa and as she is deaf, it’s fairly physical for me to sign for 90 minutes.  Later on in the day, I went to mom’s to see her new electric wheelchair.  Always exhausting.

The National Fibromyalgia Association has a great article on anger and pain.  You can find it here.  So true for me.

Yesterday was the first time I’ve gone to the regular grocery store.  I went primarily to buy meat but man, there were forbidden foods on every aisle!  The biggest problem was that I was already hungry and felt drawn to sugar and carbs…something to fill me up FAST.  But I got out of there and home and ate some hummus and crackers.  I’ve found a great GF cracker made mostly from seeds and small grains which really helps when I feel snackey.  Haha…snackey Jacki.


Last night was roasted ribs and fresh cucumber with fruit for dessert and nuts for my movie snack.  I don’t know if I’m going to lose any weight on this diet!  I weighed myself yesterday and though I don’t want to share the actual number…let’s just say I was shocked.

Hey, giving up Doritos and cake has to do something to help matters, right?


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