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Oh man….

September 3, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

So my sister sends me an email from downtown telling me she is at Pig Out at the Park, Spokane’s annual food festival.  Great timing to start the elimination diet, huh?  What an idiot!

But I’m in too deep to change it now.  I’ve got myself pretty psyched up…tomorrow I go shopping in three different places trying to do big shopping on the cheap while staying healthy.  Most likely all my best stuff will come from Fresh Abundance.  If you live in Spokane and want to know a well kept secret, try these folks.  All organic and as local as possible.  We are on the twice a month plan…meaning every other Tuesday the produce guy drives to our house and drops off a box of fresh, local fruit and veggies.  There is no extra charge for this!  It costs us $35 a month…cheap.  The food is in season, bioregional, and all organic.  You can’t miss.  Seriously.

Plus the added perk of supporting local organic growers and sticking it to the corporate man.  Always sweet.

Of course the thing I am not saying is that I went to the regular store for dinner and got myself a chocolate/chocolate chip muffin which I ate in about 90 seconds.  Hey, it’s my last splurge, right?  At least I think so…who knows what I’ll be combing the kitchen for in an hour when my blood sugar falls.  *rolls eyes*  This is exactly why I’m doing the diet thing.

I did manage to buy some fruit for breakfast to get me through until my shopping is done.  I’m also going to my daughter’s salon for a new organic hair-do (that’s a joke) tomorrow.  Always makes me feel good.  I have a menu plan for the first three days…I’m not great on the planning thing.  But that should get the ball rolling.

Stay tuned.  Who knows what I’ll do withdrawing from sugar and carbs at the same time!

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