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Off to a crappy start

September 3, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

Four a.m. this morning I wake up with the biggest badass fibro headache I’ve had in a year.  I think it’s from the underlying neck problem compounded by a multitude of things.  Not the least of which is a bone spur and herniated disk in my neck. Though the chocolate/choc chip muffin yesterday didn’t help matters. About 6 a.m. it morphed into a migraine.  I took a pill but I am still having muscle spasms in my neck.

And this is why I’m doing the diet.

This morning I allowed myself a half cup of coffee (I don’t need more headache) but no milk.  And breakfast is some delicious pluots…but I really don’t want to know how they got the plums and the apricots to hook up.  I’m sure it didn’t involve genetic engineering…..

  1. samshaffer
    September 6, 2009 at 3:50 pm

    Good Morning my friend who continues to teach me so much,

    Andy almost died. He was skin and bones and looked like an Auschwitz person. Huge eyes bugging out of his sunken skull, Large large large teeth potruding from hollow cheeks. Ribs sticking out his back. Bleeding internally and refusing to see a doctor. Been there done that. I had flown down to see him and how the Lord kept me from showing complete shock and grief was a grace to us both. We went to shop at his local health food store and met a man who did acupuncture and CHinese herbal medicine. He started to treat Andy regularly and put him on a blood type diet along with his colitus diet and literally saved his life. The elimination diet that you are on sounds very much like that and has helped me with arthritis pain and EBV.

    so I am with you on this and would like to know more. If I stay off all the white stuff, salt sugar refined flour fat and potatoes I do much better. If I stay off the wheat and corn I do better still and lose weight. If I do all of the above and walk and do a little PT and yoga, I actually make progress in healing and feel like I have turned bck the clock.

    My AA/Al-Anon sponsee has started an Eating Disorders Anonymous meeting here in DP. Her sister has started a support group at her church to help people who are in pain linked with FOOD. Its all very interesting to me not only because of my Andy, but also because my Kindl Kate just had part of pancreas removed and her spleen and has to be very careful with her diet as well. She is continuing to be immobilized as she tore the hell out of her knee wakeboarding last week. Surgery nest week. So she eats very little as she is using very little lying around some more and again.

    You, my friend who opened my traumatized being to so many healing htings have always been intense and sensitive in every sense of the word. Your awareness of life causes you much much pain and joy which you have the courgae to feel knowing the cost is somehow worth it. I am excited to see your art, another window of your soul. As if this beautiful food adventure you are on. So

    direct me to more info and I will have more questions and hopefully provide some encouragement and support for you along the way. Can’t bear to think of you in any pain but I can see that it has not clouded your spirit.

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