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Gone overboard?

I woke up this morning with a screaming neck.  I’m pretty sure I’m on my way to migraine town, though it’s on the left side of my head for a change.  So the routine is to take a migraine pill (generic imitrex) and lay in a dark room for an hour.  Thank god for those pills…but they do have the side effect of making me feel like my heart is going to explode.  Which is more than a little freaky.

At least the pills went generic and they don’t cost $20 each anymore.

I think maybe I am overdoing the whole binge eating thing.  I don’t have to torture myself with Doritos…  Maybe I should just chill out on my eating today and be semi normal. (gasp!)

I’m using the days between now and Thursday to wean myself off coffee.  A while back I had to cut down one cup because any more caffeine contributes to this weird facial flushing.  I mean my face lights up like a red warning beacon!  Makes me look as though I am either ashamed, embarrassed or lying all the time.  Anyway, I only have to cut out the single cup…

Okay, migraine pill time for me.

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