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Today's lousy eating report.

I have been eating junk yesterday and today.  My food so far today has been:

Breakfast~ a nectarine.

Lunch~ Leftover pesto

Snacks~ Doritos, ice cream and carrots.

For dinner I will probably have PB&J sandwich since Jacob is not home for dinner and I don’t want to cook.

Not surprisingly my pain has been rotten all day and I’ve had to take extra pain medication (hydrocodone) which has only helped minimally.  It also rained this morning and has been cloudy which also adds to the pain.  After I pigged out on Doritos I got really tired but it could have been the meds.  So not a great day.

I’m excited and scared about starting on Thursday.  Whenever I start freaking out, I read my “Things I Can Eat” list and feel better.  This has to be the best time of year to try it since there is an abundance of fresh fruit and veggies available that are grown locally.

In reading the different lists of foods all called Elimination Diet (ED) there are a few conflicts in the phase one foods.  Some say red meat is okay, others say no.  Same with oats and soy.  I think for my purposes, since I am just kinda making this up as I go anyway, I will allow red meat because I don’t eat it that often.  But will not include soy or oats in phase one.

And some ED sites (not the ED sites for men, haha) say stay in phase one for 5 days.  Some say stay with it for 6 weeks!  I think the rule I’ll go by says to stay with it until I feel markedly better for at least 48 hours.  This should take 5 to 10 days, I think.  Then I can start on the next phase which is reintroduction of foods one at a time.

That’s the plan so far!

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